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It cannot get crazier than this! First it was the Godzilla, now the Supercroc. Subscribe to Viewster on YouTube! ► The giant reptile is headed towards the city of Los Angeles and the security forces have little time on their hand. The troop of soldiers assigned for the work has an unstoppable creature in their path. They have to confront the killer croc without getting killed. The stakes are high against a monster size reptile. Are the troops prepared What will it take to bring down the terror of the Supercroc? Watch more terrifying horror movies ► Supercroc Country of origin: USA Release date: 2007 Language: English Genre: Horror/Thrillers Director: Scott Harper Writers: Steve Bevilacqua, David Michael Latt (story) Stars: Cynthia Rose Hall, Matthew Blashaw, Kim Little Like us on Facebook ► Follow us on Twitter ► Follow us on Google+ ► Download our Viewster mobile apps Android: iOS: Check out more full drama movies ► Check out more thrilling action movies ► Check out more full comedy movies ► Check out fascinating full documentaries ►

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