A little about clickplayer.tv

Clickplayer is here to provide you with a simple and effective tool for meeting all of your TV and video needs. Consolidate everything you want watch into one unique easy to navigate browser that combines the best aspects of internet and TV.

How does it work?
It takes a simple yet boring task of putting everything you want into one easily manageable location. There are a lot of different streaming services online these days. Catch up players are becoming more popular, and we are continuing to see more and more content being published on these new digital platforms.

All the various links and locations for all of the different types of services can leave you with a messy browser that is easy to get lost in. Clickplayer provides you with a single location for all of your video needs – be it catch up, streaming or radio.

What can I watch?
With so many types of live streaming channels as well as catch up players you truly are spoiled for choice. Our aim is to get all the most popular devices and have them in one palace for you, making sure you have the best available options for your viewing pleasure.

Here’s a list of some of the services we link up to our website.

BBC iPlayer
ITV Player
Demand 5

The above services are all totally FREE and offer thousands of hours of content, there won’t be enough days in the week to watch it all!

Not only that but we link together subscriptions based services that include

Now TV
Sky Go
Virgin Media on Demand
Amazon Prime

These are only a few of the most popular services, so if you have subscriptions for any of these, link them up in our library with all the free content, giving you so much great stuff to watch!

We also try to link in all the most popular sites that provide you will all of your entertainment needs, these include the likes of YouTube, iTunes as well as TV Catch up offering a full online Freeview service.

Combine all these services and you have one hell of a content system. Not only that, but everything is in one easy to find location, meaning you can manage all your view to your needs with the greatest of ease.

How much will it cost?
Absolutely nothing! That’s right nothing; all of the key services we have pulled together are absolutely free. That’s thousands of hours’ worth of content in one simple location, meaning you will struggle to remember the meaning of boredom!

Now some of the listed services are pay based subscriptions, but there is no need to use them, we have put these here for those who may have some subscriptions to begin with. Many offer numerous devices for their subscriptions, so it is worth finding out if friends or family have any to spare, because that is another device you can watch from the comfort of your PC or Laptop

Clickplayer.TV That Makes Watching Internet TV Simple.

A Internet TV service that bring the UK television under one roof.

More people are now watching television online, and Clickplayer’s new website TV fans can find the content they want to watch within seconds.

Clickplayer.tv is a UK based website created to make watching Internet TV easy and convenient. 

Clickplayer.tv helps people conveniently consolidate everything they want to watch into an application and website that uniquely combine TV and Internet. The new website is easy to navigate, enabling customers to put everything they want to watch in one location.

As there are multiple online streaming services available, it is becoming harder to find the right services. Instead of being lost in all locations and links creating a messy and difficult to manage browser, Clickplayer.tv enables people to watch all videos, streaming or listen to different radio stations from a single location.

There is a wide variety of choices of what people can watch using live streaming channels and catch-up players. Clickplayer.tv is linked up to BBC iPlayer, All 4, ITV Player, Demand 5, and more that are totally free with all their wonderful content. The website is also linked to subscriptions based services, such as Now TV, Netflix, Sky Go, Amazon Prime, and BT Sport. People can choose whether to use pay based subscriptions or those that are free. Additionally, Clickplayer.tv will be linked to all of the most popular entertainment sites, such as TVCatchUp, iTunes, and YouTube so that users can get Freeview services.

All these services are now combined in a single and easy to manage location that will cost nothing for people to watch using their PC, Laptop or other devices.

Clickplayer.tv brings popular television stations and shows under one roof, allowing TV fans to find everything they want to watch within seconds