Frequently asked questions

What is internet TV?
Internet TV is a browser-based web application that allows the end user to have access to TV shows from various on-demand players as well as live TV channels.

How does internet TV work?
Unlike conventional broadcast TV, internet TV works through internet protocols, which can allow the user to watch TV shows through the computer screen, a mobile phone, a tablet PC, iPad or a television screen.

How can I access shows to watch on internet TV?
The TV shows can be accessed through a player provided on the website.

How do I connect my computer of laptop to the TV?
Your computer can be connected to the TV monitor through an HDMI cable or through a VGA port. You will have to check which type of port is available on your TV monitor to know the types of cable to use.

Is internet TV free?
Yes, internet TV is a free service which can be obtained as long as you have internet connection. Most channels are free. Some would require paid access.

Is it legal to use internet TV?
Yes, is a completely legal way to watch internet TV. is a web based service that offers an easy way to watch movies and TV online for free. has been running since 2011 and hopefully many more years to come.

Where can I find the list of the channels?
To check the list of the channels please click this link – Channels listed on

What types of shows do you have on
You can access various types of shows from our website including documentaries, TV shows (both live and missed episodes) movies on demand, kids show, sports, news,  music videos, and even listen to radio.